Oak table and benches (2017)

Assignment – Furnitures for the office kitchen area as a part of a larger interior project. Made in close collaboration with carpenter Ali Atié. The table is over 4 meters long and made of 2 massive pieces of European oak and the two benches are made of a third piece from the same majestic tree.

Client – Redloop 

Malmö Culture

Top row from left to right: the theatre Hipp/Intiman, Malmö Museums, the art museum Malmö Konsthall. Bottom row from left to right: the Malmö City Library, the Malmö City Archives, Mazetti Cultural Centre.

Arts and culture are joyful and at the same time they challenge perspectives and ask questions – important tools in creating a sustainable city. The Department of Culture in Malmö provides a broad cultural life where children and adults can take part in cultural activities and engage in the city.

These broaches was originally made for ambassadors of culture on a mission for The Departement of Culture in Malmö. The broaches are 3D models (scale 1:2000), of cultural buildings in Malmö. A collection of buildings (Mazetti Cultural Centre, the art museum Malmö Konsthall, the Malmö City Library, the Malmö City Archives, the theatre Hipp/Intiman and Malmö Museums) that represent children’s culture, music, art, literature and performing arts, as well as heritage, history of technology, nature and culture in Malmö.

IDEA & DESIGN Nina Warnolf

3D MODEL & PRINTING The City Planning Office, Modellverkstaden/SMA

MATERIAL Colorfabb, an eco-certified plastic that is 100% biodegradable

Översta raden från vänster till höger: Hipp/Intiman, Malmö Museer, Malmö Konsthall. Nedersta redan från vänster till höger: Malmö Stadsbibliotek, Malmö Stadsarkiv, Kulturhuset Mazetti.

Konst och kultur är lustfyllt samtidigt som det utmanar och ställer frågor. De är viktiga verktyg för att skapa en hållbar stad. Kulturförvaltningen arbetar för ett Malmö med ett brett kulturliv där alla barn och vuxna kan ta del av kulturen och känna sig delaktiga i staden.

Broscherna togs ursprungligen fram till 100 ambassadörer på uppdrag av Kulturförvaltningen, Malmö stad och är 3D-modeller i skala 1:2000 av kulturbyggnader i Malmö. De tillhör en samling av byggnader (Kulturhuset Mazetti, Malmö Stadsbibliotek, Malmö Stadsarkiv, Malmö Konsthall, Hipp/Intiman och Malmö Museer) som representerar barnkultur, musik, konst, litteratur och scenkonst, likväl som kulturarv, teknik-, natur- och kulturhistoria.

IDÉ & DESIGN Nina Warnolf

3D MODELL & PRINT Malmö stadsbyggnadskontor, Modellverkstaden/SMA

MATERIAL Colorfabb, en eco-certifierad plast som är 100% nedbrytbar

Iconic cultural buildings (2016)

Assignment –  I was originally asked by the Department of Culture in Malmö to design a brooch for 100 cultural ambassadors. The brooch should fit men and women alike and be a conversation piece. My idea was to choose iconic cultural buildings in Malmö that represented different kinds of culture. Together with the Department of Culture I picked 5 buildings representing children’s culture, music/ theater, art, literature and museums. By making the five buildings in three different colors we got a wide variety in appearance (see attached photo). The first 100 brooches were to my joy very appreciated and many more was ordered for the Department of Culture to use as giveaways and for selling in some of the museum-shops in Malmö. The 3D prints were made in collaboration with the model-makers at the Department of Urban Planning in Malmö. We used an eco-certified plastic that is 100% biodegradable. Graphic design: Michaela Green.

Client – The Cultural Department, City of Malmö

100 million members (2016)

Assignment – To make something special for the employees at the department (at a large furniture company) for the celebration of their customer club reaching 100 million members. It should be something that made the employees at that special department stand out at the same time as being a bit festive and usable for both male and female. I made a necklace and a pin.

Client – a large furniture company

Careless plants (2016)

Assignment – To create a green decoration without any needs of care around a pillar in a showroom at Greenhouse. Greenhouse is one of Sweden’s most sustainable building projects. It is accommodation that makes it easy to do the right thing and live in a green and sustainable manner in the centre of the city.

Client – MKB (Malmö Kommunala Bostadsbolag)

Malmö Live (2015-2016)

Assignment – an exhibition about sound and Malmö Live at Malmö Live + a variation of interior design and furniture design. The Cupboard and small stages (in the first photo below) made for pedagogical meetings with children are made in collaboration with Sara Stiber.

Client – Malmö Live Konserthus

I also coordinated interiors made by other designers like Jenny Nordberg (as seen in the pictures below with her furnitures from the 3-5 minutes project) and Cia Borgström (the flower wall deco made with textiles that citizens in Malmö left to Skåne Stadsmission).

Styling for BRIO (2016)

Assignment – Interior styling (several different rooms) for the product catalog of 2017. These pictures are my own during the preparations and not the professional photos taken by photographer Max Ahlm Norell used in the catalog. Thanks to http://jollygoodfellow.tictail.com, http://lieblingliebling.com, http://kombinoamobel.weebly.com, http://www.thomaseklundh.se and many more for letting me use your products.

Client – BRIO

Outdoor signs (2015)

Assignment – outdoor signs made for an event in 2015 and then used for lots of different other events and exhibitions.

Client – Malmö stad

Paper DIY for Malmöfestivalen (2013)


Assignment – To do 8 paper-DIY for an exhibition (and posts with DIY-instructions at the blog coloritpink.com) during the Malmöfestival august 2013. Photocred. Jens Klevje.

Client – Malmöfestivalen, The city of Malmö (Malmö stad)

Hong Kong Business of Design Week (2014)

Assignment – to design the #southernsweden stand at Hong Kong Business of Design Week 2014. The stand hade to be made of sustainable materials, have room for design exhibitions, meetings, workshops, storage and had to fit in a container together with everything in the exhibition. I made a flexible Minecraft-inspired module-system in wood and cork.

Client – The City of Malmö and #southernsweden

Bow-tie made from leftovers (2014)

Assignment – my own. I feel in love with cork as a material and wanted to do something with the left overs from the design I made for the Skane/Swedish Pavilion at Hong Kong Business of Design Week 2014.