Iconic cultural buildings (2016)

Assignment –  I was originally asked by the Department of Culture in Malmö to design a brooch for 100 cultural ambassadors. The brooch should fit men and women alike and be a conversation piece. My idea was to choose iconic cultural buildings in Malmö that represented different kinds of culture. Together with the Department of Culture I picked 5 buildings representing children’s culture, music/ theater, art, literature and museums. By making the five buildings in three different colors we got a wide variety in appearance (see attached photo). The first 100 brooches were to my joy very appreciated and many more was ordered for the Department of Culture to use as giveaways and for selling in some of the museum-shops in Malmö. The 3D prints were made in collaboration with the model-makers at the Department of Urban Planning in Malmö. We used an eco-certified plastic that is 100% biodegradable. Graphic design: Michaela Green.

Client – The Cultural Department, City of Malmö

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