What Matter_s at Dutch Design Week 20-28 October (2018)

Examples from the What Matter_s exhibition at VEEM, floor 2, Dutch Design Week 20-28 October 2018 curated by me. Moore information about the project here.

Polarised PortraitsKajsa Willner channels Prof Dmytro Orlov’s understanding of polarised light to create a series of beautifully colourful design objects that draw attention to the environmental impact of plastic. (Above)

Location VEEM – curated by Dutch Invertuals. (Above)

Thanks to all sponsors and to HolsterGreen for the Graphic Design!

MATching – Korean-born, Malmö-based designer Kunsik Choi explores the aesthetic poetry of bioplastics with a series of colourful handmade plant pots inspired by the research of biotechnologist Prof Rajni Hatti-Kaul. (Above)

Gleather Glubber – Designer Petra Lilja taps into Dr Ramune Kuktaite and Bill Newson’s knowledge of plant-based biomaterials to showcase the colours, textures and forms that can be created from gluten-based bioplastics. (Above)

Living SystemsStudio Aikieu collaborates with biotechnology and chemical engineering researcher Dr Solmaz Hajizadeh to transform chitin – a hugely abundant biopolymer from the shells of crustaceans – into a design material for furniture and sculpture. (Above)

In Vitro Printer – Industrial designer Jenny Nordberg joins forces with orthopaedics researcher Prof Magnus Tägil to develop a human-powered 3D printer that replicates the natural process of bone healing. (Above)

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